The firm takes its name, Dromeus, 

from the ancient Greek word for

the "long-distance runner".

Our investment philosophy is thematic, 

long-term and value focused. 

Who we are

Dromeus Capital Group is an alternative investment management firm with a thematic, value-oriented investment philosophy. Established in 2008, the firm concentrates on a select number of high-conviction thematic ideas with asymmetrical risk-reward characteristics.  These themes encompass a broad spectrum, including distressed investments, real estate, digital infrastructure, and geographic-specific or sector-specific strategies. 

Dromeus Capital

What we do

At Dromeus, our investment philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that markets, while generally efficient, are also susceptible to human biases that often result in asset mispricing. We see the most promising investment opportunities as typically stemming from periods when markets become irrational, driven by emotional reactions to events, causing asset prices to deviate from their intrinsic value. 

Our approach involves identifying situations marked by negative market sentiment and through in-depth research we assess any potential divergence between market perception (and expectations) and fundamental value.  We have made a conscious effort to look for investments in markets and securities which may be overlooked, misunderstood, or even at odds with the prevailing view.   Typically, this approach directs us to markets that have suffered economic or banking crises, as well as sectors, industries or companies grappling with situational distress.   

We strategically build our strategies from the ground up, blending hands-on, on-the-ground primary research with a fundamental understanding of macroeconomics to uncover compelling investment themes.   This thematic framework is at the core of our efforts, instilling us with a sense of confidence, determination, and resolve as we strive to consistently deliver superior investment returns across the liquidity spectrum.